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Last Measure's Biography

Last measure who's birth name is Richard Rodriguez was born in Brooklyn, on January 1st., 1976. When he was Only 3 years old his parents move to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately at the age of eleven, his parents separated. He then moved with his father back to New York and would now be a resident of Astoria Queens . This is where his dream of being an Mc began. While residing at his aunt's house, he and his cousin Menace began writting remixes of other artist songs on their beats. This was way before P. Ditty or 50 had even emerged on the scene. This was back when mixtapes were actually cassette tapes.

Young, no money for studio he would loop a beat with a karaoke stereo from one cassette to another, by playing the beat, recording a short piece, stopping it then rewinding it and repeating the process over until the beat is long enough. What rappers got to do for the love of their craft! The good old days.The first song he ever recorded was called Midnight Run On which he and his cousin Menace were rhyming over Nas's halftime beat. From that day on as they say the rest is history. Some of Measure's influences range fromThe god Mc Rakim Allah, Big Daddy Kane , Kool G. Rap, Public Enemy, Krs. One, Slick Rick, Wu-tang Clan, Boot Camp Click, Mobb Deep , Nas and other great artist.

Although he is currently a member of the group Forbidden with M3nace, War & Dark Angel. Last Measure is presently working on a solo project. He has also worked with artist such as: Verse-All, Deja-Vu (R.I.P), Wes Studii, Lord Roc, Koach, Mikenetic, Turban Kincade, Flo Niddy,Cereebrawl, Listen66, (Quest - from NJ), The Council , Eternal of Supreme Degreez and the list goes on. Doing music for the love of Hip Hop, not for the money or the fame, no gimmicks. With a variety of subject matter he touches on throughout his music, he is sure to have something for you to like. His style is raw, energetic, creative and original..Bringing that New York sound back to the streets, hungrier than ever. He is ready to break ground with his unique style.

He stays dedicated to his craft. His passion for Hip Hop is very deep. It is the outlet source for his artistry. Last Measure is a visionary lyricist verbally sketching pictures of life as seen through his own eyes. His solo project is titled: “High Voltage.” He is focused on taking his musical career a step forward working now harder than ever. This album is filled with a range of hard banging beats and creative lyricism. Overall an ear full of the true hip hop essence.